Lynn Marshall – Useful Wild Plants

  • Lynn M.
  • Austin, TX

We have been doing business with Dan and Austin Toner for over 20 years. We have purchased several copiers and printers as well as toner and supplies from Dan, and he just finished setting up the high-capacity color copier he delivered to our office last week.  He has a lot of experience with office equipment and great deal of technical know-how. He knows which machines are better and how to keep them humming along. He is the only person we call when a machine needs a tune-up or repair (which isn’t very often).

Judy Mack – Elk Electric

  • Judy M.
  • Austin, TX

From ELK Electric, Inc. tried and true – Dan has traveled so far outside the business norm, it is worth noting.  While trying to buy a copier from Austin Toner with the copier ready for delivery, it was learned we could not get out of our contract, no matter what.  Dan offered insights and contractual avenues to venture.  Although it was to no avail, it was not because Dan did not genuinely care about his customers individually and as a whole.  He continues to give us top notch service which is the exact foundation Austin Toner was built on.

Support your local businesses cold not be a more true statement and applicable where Austin Toner is present.

Judy Mac / ELK Electric, Inc.


Reina B.

  • Reina B.
  • Austin, TX

Fortunately, we do not have too many copier maintenance problems.  But when we do, we call Austin Toner and they send out a knowledgeable, personable technician right away.  We have always been happy with Dan, his professional service people and the repairs to our equipment.  Their prices are very reasonable, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to our colleagues.

Nancy T.

  • Nancy T.
  • Austin, TX

We’ve used Austin Toner several times over the past 5 years for our 5 copiers, scanners, printers and have always received great, quick, polite service.  Every technician I’ve dealt with has taken the time to answer my questions and even given me “How To” tips.  They are always there for us when we need quick turn around on toner orders.  Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

Ben S.

  • Ben S.
  • Austin, TX

We needed toner fast.  Placed my order and had it delivered within the hour at no extra charge.

Kat K.


Dan and the team at Austin Toner are very knowledgeable and helped me with my color laser printer. Good prices and great service. Highly recommend.